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Instandsetzung WGW Getriebe SBH 1600 aus Mühlenantrieb der Zementindustrie, inkl. aus- und Einbau vor Ort. Änderung des Dichtungssystems auf WDR.

Repair of WGW gearbox SBH 1600 from a mill drive in the cement industry

Repair of a WGW gear unit of a mill main drive from the cement industry.
Including removal and installation on site. Change of sealing from labyrinth to sealing with shaft seals.

Work carried out as part of the repair of the WGW gearbox (Westdeutsche Getriebewerke):

  • The transmission was removed, overhauled and reinstalled by us on site.
  • The sealing was changed from labyrinth to shaft sealing ring.
  • The replacement gearbox was also overhauled afterwards.

Additional information on the repair of the WGW (West German Gear Works) gearbox:

The drive shaft is on plain bearings and the teeth are double-helical.

Manufacturer: Westdeutsche Getriebewerke (WGW)
Type: SBH 1600
Power: 1,500 kW
Weight: 15 tons
Dimensions: 5000 x 1900 x 2000 mm

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  • Gearbox manufacturer:

    WGW (Westdeutsche Getriebewerke)

  • Type:

    WGW SBH 1600

  • Location:

    Main mill drive in cement industry